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No one ever stops learning, we practice things all the time. Here's what I'm currently putting some effort into getting better at.

# Development

  • OIDC. I need an authentication service for Howdee, so I'm looking at something formal. There's a lot of terminology to re-learn.
  • How to proxy Node services with SSL in a local environment. As part of the OIDC work I'm doing, I need a way to run my development environment on an https:// address.
  • A big refresh of accessibility best practice using Sara Soueidan's fantastic Practical Accessibility video course.

# Business

We've recently (January 2023) re-launched the website for Increment By One. For most of its existence, I've relied on a personal network of recommendations to keep work coming through the doors. This marks the first time we've had a full website, so I'm trying to learn how to do more marketing.

# Reading

I'm currently reading "Engineering Management for the Rest of Us" by Sarah Drasner.

# Languages

I'm an introvert with social anxiety, but I do enjoy awkwardly not speaking to people in several languages.

I got assigned to the 🇫🇷 French group of students when I started secondary (high) school and took it through (what was then) AS Level. I'm not fluent, but I can get by and I'm building on it still.

When Maria joined our team at Increment By One, I picked up the odd phrase of 🇪🇸 Spanish. My son took an interest, so I started studying more to help him when he gets stuck. Our work chat gets peppered with simple phrases sometimes. "¿Necesitas ayuda?" ("Do you need help?") and "Necesito una taza de té" ("I need a cup of tea") being some of the more common ones. I'm only starting out, but might be able to handle a café situation.

I tried learning some 🇯🇵 Japanese after I left university. It was an in-person class and the anxiety got a little much, so I put it down. Since our household all got into language-learning, I wanted to add something that was vastly different to English. I started again and know some phrases, but still regularly get the exercises wrong. I would really like to visit some time.

If you have an account, you can follow me on Duolingo here. If you need one, here's my invite link.