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Hi, I'm Jon. I'm a front-end, turned a-bit-of-everything, developer based in the North East of England. Durham, to be more specific.

I wrote my first program (with a lot of help) when I was 3, but I've been doing it for a living since 2001.

I was diagnosed as autistic as an adult in 2019 a couple of years after our eldest child received their diagnosis. I'm the husband of Kerry and a German Shepherd owner.

When I were a lad (👴🏻) we used to learn by "view: source"-ing a web page and copying parts of it into a text-editor. These days so much of that experience is hidden behind compilers and bundlers. I'll write about whatever I think of, across a range of ability levels, and this site code will always be available on Gitlab. I'm by no means a writer, but I hope that I can share some useful information.

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