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Jon Park

Twitter: jonspark

I've been a developer for many a year and love how I'm part of an industry that forces me to keep learning. I've obtained a broad range of development skills and best practices; I enjoy every part of it.

I'm getting to the stage where I would like to specialise and I'm spoiled for choice. I really love JavaScript, it's adaptibility over the full stack. At the same time, I'm impressed at the way the PHP community has matured and am keen to further find my way in the modern PHP world.


Client-side Development

  • HTML(5) and CSS
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Graphic types and optimisation
  • General understanding of UX and IA best practices
  • Cross-browser development and debugging techniques
  • Mobile-responsive development
  • HTML email build and best-practice

My first love. I've always held that, as the result of most programming is HTML, a solid grounding is paramount; I always teach this to my 'mentees'.

JavaScript soon became my favourite aspect of development. I find it challenging and enjoyable in equal measure.

Responsive development is the newest part of my repertoire, but is something that is becoming enjoyable.

Server-side Development

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • MVC-based development
  • Composer
  • PSR-X

I enjoy PHP as a language and love how the community has gotten around projects like PHP The Right Way (

I'm currently updating my grasp of 'modern' PHP, moving away from the CodeIgniter framework to Laravel/Symfony.

I can build and optimise a MySQL database, but am not quite up to the level of a pure DBA.

Technical Architecture

I enjoy a technical challenge. The design and planning out of a new system is always satisfying.

I like breaking down a complex problem into it's component parts and sketching together a working system.


  • Git
  • Vagrant
  • Puppet
  • Linux server administration
  • AWS integration
  • Automated deployment

Learning Vagrant and Puppet was fun and has become a core part of my development environment.

Over the past 12 months, I've become a lot more comfortable handling Linux servers. I have created a decent hosting platform with a privately-networked database server and integrations with 3rd party web services.

Politics aside, integrating AWS into our systems has been very satisfying. CDNs, large file storage and email systems have all been worked into my day-to-day operations.

Git is my version control software of choice. It has been especially satifying to tie this into an automated deployment system.


  • Agile working environments
  • Business knowledge
  • Client-facing
  • Mentoring
  • Tech support
  • Network design & administration

I'm familiar with various agiles methodologies, such as Scrum and DSDM. I've worked in timeboxes, sprints, with stand-ups, user stories and MoSCoW-ing. I've cherry-picked and implemented parts in my various roles.

I've developed a decent grasp of business being self-employed and from my time as a freelancer.

Throughout my career, I've worked directly with clients and through account handlers. I'm comfortable in either situation.

I've been a mentor within my roles and outside of work as well.


Clicksco UK Full Stack Web Developer (Aug 2013 - Present)

Surreal Creative Ltd. Lead Developer / Head of Digital (Nov 2011 - Aug 2013)

I came on board at Surreal to set up a dedicated digital department and development team. I am responsible for the majority of a project's lifecycle, working directly with clients, the accounts team and stakeholders, designers and developers.

  • My first job was to evaluate the existing development partners and was eventually brought in-house.
  • I have interviewed and hired two developers, manage and mentor them. I also manage a freelance web designer.
  • I reviewed and implemented organisation-wide changes in project management and collaboration.

Happiest Ltd Chief Technology Officer / Chief Web Officer (Jun 2010 - Oct 2011)

I joined the Happiest startup quite early on, helping to guide it through the Codeworks DEV programme. I was responsible for designing the initial system architecture and settled into a role of building the JavaScript MVC-based application and websites. Towards the end of my time there, I rewrote the API layer on the server-side, which included an OAuth2 provider implementation.

  • Happiest was very hard work, but was the most enjoyable time I've spent in a role.
  • I didn't know a great deal of JS before I started this. I taught myself the syntax, proper application patterns and MVC in JS.
  • I worked alongside some very clever people and enjoyed how it kept pushing me to do better.
  • I freelanced on the side (as Kata Development) whilst working more than fulltime hours to pay the bills. It was hard, but I enjoyed it.
  • At the time, there were no resources for OAuth2 implementation; I pulled the spec out of the RFC document.

Kata Development Freelance Web Developer (Feb 2010 - Oct 2011)

During my time freelancing, I spent a fair bit of time in-and-around the agencies of the North East and undertook several individual contracts. I worked on varying project sizes, from brochure sites to more complex applications and developed my proficiencies with MVC frameworks and blogging platforms (such as Wordpress).

Union Room Ltd Senior Web Developer (Apr 2007 - Feb 2010)

My first agency job. I was their first purely Web Developer hire and, for a couple of years, was responsible for all web development coming into the studio. I mentored new junior hires, helped to quote on pitches and new work and managed the hosting and local network server.

Safe Harbour Web Services Self-Employed Web Developer (Nov 2005 - Apr 2007)

After having difficulty getting full time employment, I set up my own business offering web-based services to local businesses. I also successfully built upon my work at Magrudy's to develop and manage their web-presence.

Magrudy Enterprises LLC Web Master / Graphic Designer (Nov 2003 - Feb 2004)

The job that gave me The Bug. I was looking for work after university and had a 3 month placement at a large bookseller in Dubai, UAE.